Tuesday 30 November 2021

A break from sleeping rough

Last night was booked into my diary as a TV night with Amanda long before my shameful eviction. Since I no longer had a place of my own to watch TV... or a TV, for that matter... Amanda invited me over to her quaint little cabin to watch the documentary with her.

Not only was this a most welcome change of scenery from the filthy back alley that I've been calling home for the last few days, but it was an ideal opportunity to take advantage of some of Amanda's home comforts.

Firstly, I know that she stocks the place full of snacks and treats so this would be my chance to eat something other than stale crisps from a vending machine. But, more importantly, it would give me chance to uses her washing machine to give the tracksuit that I have been living in for the last few days a wash. I won't lie to you... it had become a bit stinky and stained!

My plan to wear nice, fresh smelling clothes, if only for a little while, quickly unravelled when Amanda made the revelation that she doesn't actually own a washing machine, preferring instead to hand wash her clothes in the nearby stream.

With mere minutes left before the documentary was due to begin, I stripped down to my underwear and gave my tracksuit a quick scrub in the bitterly cold stream. And, as the intro credits began to roll, I dashed back inside to carefully hang my tracksuit top and bottoms in front of the fire to dry while we enjoyed the show.

An hour later, they were not only nice and dry, but also toasty warm. I had also polished off a tube of Pringles that Amanda had left out to snack on, as well as a couple of slices of pizza that she had left over from the night before. Good times!

As a final bonus, Amanda let be crash in her cabin for the night to get some respite from the bitter cold outside. I absolutely did not need a second invitation and snuggled up on her soft and comfy bed for the best night sleep I'd had in days.

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