Sunday 28 November 2021

How I ended up here

It all began several years ago when i have the good fortune to win a rather substantial sum of money on the Lottery. I'll keep the exact amount to myself but it was more than sufficient to pay for the small island that I have been calling home ever since.

Despite being able to live a more than comfortable lifestyle, I have worked hard in the intervening years to subsidise the remainder of my lottery money with various streams of income. The ones you may be aware of are renting out my spare room to Airbnb guests and performing as a camgirl.

However, both of those feel like very transient forms of income that could disappear at any moment. Say, if there was a global pandemic or something like that. And, for that reason, I have re-invested as much of those earnings as possible into investment funds to try to make that money continue working for me and earning more. Letting my earnings sit in a bank with the miserable interest rates currently available is really only going to earn pennies, after all.

Of course, as is only sensible when investing the sums of money that I was, I did my due diligence to find a very reputable company to manage my investments and take the burden of monitoring them of my shoulders. The one I choose to go with was extremely well thought of with many very impressive endorsements.

Sadly for me, they did have one bad egg amongst their many very competent staff and I ended up being his mark. For years, I thought he was looking out for my best interests so I was completely blind to him embezzling my money and leaving my account without a penny in it.

I only learned of this when the taxman came calling with a rather hefty unpaid bill that I could no longer afford to pay and the police notified my that the rogue investment manager had gone on the run with all of his ill-gotten earnings.

And that bring us to the here and now...

Evicted from my island, I now call this alley behind a Quickies truckstop restroom my home. To feed myself, I am forced to provide sexual favours to horny truckers. In return, I get a handful of loose change to shovel into the truckstop's vending machines for some snacks that are almost certainly months past their eat by date. 

The favours mostly involve giving blowjobs or handjobs through the gloryhole in the side of one of the restroom stalls, but some big spenders who are also willing to buy me a coffee can come out back to get the "VIP" treatment. That's the fancy way of saying they get a quick fuck.

It's not all bad though. I have a pretty comfortable couch to lounge around on. You just have to be careful to avoid all of the numerous stains that are of questionable origins. Also, there are ample showering facilities inside the truckstop and, thanks to padlock on the backdoor being broken, I can take advantage of those whenever I fancy. So, even if my clothes are a bit stinky, I can keep myself at least somewhat fresh.

And, finally, there is a friendly raccoon who stops by a few times each day to rummage around in the dumpster. I've named him Burt. I'm moderately sure he doesn't have rabbies.

Luckily, I think there is a way that I can make a quick fortune which will be more than enough to pay off my debt to the taxman and get my island back. Apparently, all I have to do is play something called the Squirt Game. No idea what it entails but it definitely sounds fun and wholesome with a great prize at the end.  

And the organisers have been kind enough to send me the uniform ahead of time which is very fortune considering I was not able to bring any changes of clothes with me when I was unceremoniously evicted. I'm not normally a tracksuit type of girl but beggars cannot be choosers. At least, it is a rather nice teal colour. I've always been a fan of a nice bit of teal.

Yup, I think things will be back on track very soon...

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