Sunday 19 December 2021

Which list will I be on this year?

Less than a week to go until Christmas and I've only just had chance to visit my first Christmas Market of the festive season with Amanda. Unfortunately, it was completely deserted apart from us.  On the up side, that gave us a free run of the place. We admired all the lovely looking food, not quite sure if we were allowed to help ourselves to it our not. Of course, Amanda couldn't resist getting behind a few of the counters to act as a server.

I was more interested in sitting on Santa's knee to find out if I was on the naughty or nice list. With there being no queue, I skipped over to him and plonked myself on his lap. I'm not sure why but he looked a bit anxious. The toy that he had in his pocket which was poking my butt must have been causing him some discomfort as well. At least, I think it was a toy...

Anyways, I made it onto the nice list this year! Normally a cause for celebration, for sure. But I know I've been a naughty girl at times this year. A real naughty girl. Perhaps Santa's standards are slipping, or maybe he is just not really so bothered these days.

Half as a thank you for putting me on the nice list and half as an attempt to earn my way on to his naughty list, I "accidentally" flicked my very short skirt up as I climbed off his lap. His eyes went very wide at the sight of my curvy butt checks with my tiny underwear tucked snuggling into my crack. We'll see if that will sway him into putting me onto the naughty list. 

Amanda also took a turn on Santa's knee. It was the nice list for her as well so I guess she can expect lots of lovely pressies this year.

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