Monday 20 December 2021

Fapping by myself

It was an emotional rollercoaster when I saw the Masturbation Party was open earlier this evening; the high of getting to visit my favourite sex club, followed by the low of finding it completely empty. Of course, the great thing about masturbation is that it can be enjoyed all by yourself so there was no reason I couldn't still have some fun if I so desired.

First thing first though, I was frozen through from being outdoors and needed to warm myself up. What better time to try out the Masturbation Party's new hot tub than now, when I am in desperate need of some warmth and there is no-one else around to interfere with my taking a quiet dip. Perhaps having the place to myself was not so bad after all.

As I sat on the edge, paddling my feet in the warm water,  I had a decision to make; to fap or not to fap. 

On one hand, there would be no thrill of watching others masturbate to the sight of my naked body. But on the other hand, I was here now and it would feel like a massive let down to leave without having at least a little fun.

My thumbs hooked inside my bottoms and slipped them off before I gently slid down into the warm embrace of the hot tub's water. Decision made.

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