Monday 14 February 2022

I'll be your valentine

Given my penchant for promoting random special days throughout the year, it really does feel like Valentine's Day is one that I should be all over. Every year I struggle with what to post though.

As someone who is content to remain unattached, with no romantic connection to anyone, that rules out me making any sort of grand statement of love where I profess to all how much I adore that special someone. I can't post a collection of pics showing how happy my loved one and I are together either.

Instead, I think I will just wish a Happy Valentines day to all the singles out there. You might not have found that special someone just yet, but I'm sure you will do. And when you do, that someone will, bring you joy and happiness, just as you give it to them in return.

If my words of encouragement are no consolation for missing out on the romance of Valentine's Day, all I can offer as an alternative is some saucy pics of me which you can use to imagine that I am your valentine and we are all alone in a hotel room together for the night. Feel free to leave me a comment about how you think that might go.

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