Tuesday 15 February 2022

I'll take the cheaper chocolates, thanks

Now this is the day that I can relate to! Happy Singles Appreciation Day to all my fellow single folk out there! 

Valentine's Day can be a cruel reminder to single people about what they are missing out on. No stuffed animals or delicious chocolates from that special person in your life. No date night out at a fancy restaurant for a lovely meal.

However, whether you are single by choice or because you just haven't managed to find that special someone just yet, Singles Appreciation Day is a day on which you can take a moment to reflect on all the other ways you have a happy life, even if you are missing out on a little bit of romance, and to understand that you have value without the need for romantic attachment.

Also know as Singles Awareness Day, this is why I prefer the alternative of Singles Appreciation Day because, in my mind at least, it puts a more positive spin on the day. Awareness days always seem to be about things we should be worried about and no-one should be worried about being single. Your time just hasn't come yet. Instead we should use it to bring positivity to our day.

For example, many singles will take the day as an opportunity to gather together to celebrate their single status. What better way to meet a potential future partner, than in a gathering of people who are exclusively single!

Others will use it as justification to treat themselves to something nice, knowing they will be free from the rampant commercialisation that has consumed Valentine's Day the day before.

In fact, Singles Appreciation Day was instigated as a protest against Valentine's Day by a group of single students who realised they could get all sorts of treats at a fraction of the price by simply celebrating a day later than all the loved-up couples. That's right, discount chocolates and toys all round!

And, with that, I will leave you a few more saucy pics from my hotel room. Actually. these ones are even more saucy than yesterday's Valentine's Day pics. My special treat to all the single people out there. You are all very special and I love your very much. xx

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