Monday, 28 March 2022

Living up to the name

Whilst the GloryHole Pit has been a thriving club to visit and only seems to be growing in popularity, this is without doubt the busiest that I have ever seen the titular gloryholes.

Normally there is plenty of fucking and wotnot, so much so that the owners have now installed rows of seating to allow pervs to watch what is going on, but the gloryholes have only seen limited use whenever I've been there.

They were in great demand today though and I was naturally on hand to capture some of the sexy fucking and sucking that was being done through the wall. I was also keen to capture some of the other sucking and fucking that was going on elsewhere in the club. But mostly gloryhole fucking and sucking.

I do always enjoy returning to the GloryHole Pit, not just for the top quality perving that is possible there, but because there always seem to be something new or some area that has been remodelled slightly. Clearly business is booking in order to allow that to happen.

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