Tuesday 15 March 2022

Beware the splash zone!

I'm going to try to keep this one fairly brief because, if you've ready any of my past posts about what goes on when I open my Buzz Me room up to the public, then you should know the drill by now.

In a nutshell, I was feeling supper horny this lunchtime so made a spur of the moment decision to open up my room for just an hour and hope that I could get enough punters through the door during time to make me cum.

Armed with this session's weapon of choice, my Lush 3, I swung the doors open and invited the world in!

We got off to a great start with a constant stream of rolls, all of which were high numbers. That was a trend that carried on for the entire session with only two rolls being less than 4 minutes and not a single 1 rolled all session. (Making up for all the low rolls when I last opened up!)

My goals for t-shirt off and bra off quickly came and went. It seemed for all the world that  I was comfortably on track to cum well within the hour time limit that I had given myself.

Things slowed down a little after that though. A couple of guests rolled the dice but didn't hang around for their turn. And a few were just slow to get going once their turn rolled around. A few frustrating road bumps just as I was getting towards the edge of coming.

The end of the hour arrived and I knew I was close. So, so close. One more buzz would surely push me over the edge and I had 7 minutes lined up with my final guest. One final blast of vibes to make me cum. And then, he too, left before taking his turn. Bafflingly considering he had paid to get an extra roll...

In a desperate bid to achieve that orgasmic release I craved, I threw out his time to the floor for the first person to respond to take. A feeding frenzy ensued as everyone went for it. 

Today's High Rollers
  • Serintemp
  • Heythane
  • Valarus
  • SilverLiam
  • BBChero
  • AngryPopCorn
  • StockingLover

Just to make sure we got there, I reached for my Domi so the lucky winner would be able to blast my clit with that whilst also vibing my G spot with my Lush.

My Domi didn't last long as I had obviously forgotten to put it on charge after my last play with it so it lasted all of about 15 seconds before dying.

All was not lost though, as less than half of the 7 minutes on the clock had elapsed when I vigorously squirted my pussy juices all over the front row as I came so fucking hard. My perseverance to get there had paid off spectacularly for all to see and it felt good. So, so good.

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