Monday, 4 April 2022

Open for buzzness

A bit of a mixed bag today. I'm pretty sure it was my longest opening of my Buzz Me room, clocking in at 2 hrs 30 mins. But, unfortunately, a lot of that was spent waiting for punters to get their act together.

There were a few guys who just couldn't figure out how to use control links or just took their sweet time to activate them. And 4 or 5 guys patiently waited their turn but then left as soon as I gave them their link.

So yeah, a long opening with plenty of buzzing but also lots of down time in between punters. A bit frustrating really and it made it much harder than it should have been for me to cum.

Today's High Rollers
  • JaqenXO
  • BillyBilly
  • KWNemesis
  • StopMakingSens
  • Tommyxxx
  • Lasrs
  • rikkag

Thankfully we managed to unlock the goal for my Domi to be added to my Lush, As soon as that got in on the action, it was cum time! Maybe about 3 mins of both toys buzzing me? Probably a little less actually. Finally got there but it was the only one of the session sadly.

Other things of note? The first time I've had a couple snuggling together on the front row while watching me. I've had random strangers fucking there. But never a couple snuggling. Was... interesting...

And its good to see that I seem to have started to attract a few loyal punters who are making repeat visits whenever I get chance to open. Tends to suggest that they are enjoying my shows which is very pleasing. Hopefully I see some of them again next, whenever that may be.

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