Saturday 28 May 2022

Sex toy-powered masturbation

It didn't take much of week 4 of my masturbation challenge for me to tick off the last few faps that I needed to hit the 31 fap target that I had set myself for May. Wednesday afternoon saw me hit that target and then Wednesday evening saw me go sailing passed it. Both faps were ably assisted by my Lovense toys.

I've not hit my stretch goal of 40 faps yet but, with half a week left (a very shortened week 5), there is definitely still a very strong possibility that I'll get there. My current total of 36 means I just need 4 more faps in the 3 remaining days of May to get there. Do you think I can manage that? I think I can!

Faps per day during week 4

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 3 0 3 2 1 1

What strikes me when I look at my fap record so far during Masturbation Month, is that I've not managed to get through a complete week with a fap every single day. It wasn't something that I was aiming to do beyond my quest to fap as much as possible, but now that I look at it, it would have been an interesting minor achievement to have been able to tick off

As I already alluded to, this week I have mostly been making good use of my collection of Lovense toys. In particular, I've been enjoying the power of my Domi 2

Sadly, because of other commitments, I wasn't able to take part in this morning's edition of Lovense's monthly Discord orgy, otherwise I'd be even closer to my 40 fap stretch target. But my toys have certainly had plenty of use during the rest of the week.

Not only do I like to use my Domi in the traditional way of holding it against and moving it around my clit, but I also like to keep things hands-free so I can touch the rest of my body while I'm getting buzzed.

Sometimes I'll do that by lying my Domi down on my bed or chair and sitting on it so I can grind my pussy against it as it vibes. Other times, I'll simply grip it between my things as I writhe around. In all occasions, it makes me wet as fuck.

My Lush 3, Dolce, Ferri and Nora also contributed to this week's efforts so honourable mentions for those too. In fact, I've used my whole collection at one point or the other during week 4 with the exception of my buttplugs. 

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