Wednesday 1 June 2022

Achievement unlocked

OK, so I had to leave announcing my final total for my Masturbation Month challenge until today because it really did go down to the wire as to whether I could hit 40 faps for May.

As I sat there last night, tallying how many times I had flicked my bean during the month, I found myself agonisingly close on a grand total of 39. One fap short of my target!

Luckily, there were still a few hours left in the day to do something about that. The only wrinkle was that I had planned to get an early night after a few tiring days have left me feeling pretty exhausted.
After much soul searching, I concluded that sleep could wait! Considering how much time and effort I had dedicated to my challenge throughout May, it would be unforgivable to fall at the very last hurdle. 

So, despite not really being in the mood or having much energy for it, I pushed through and scored fap #40 with just 90 minutes to spare before the clock ticked over to 1st June!

Suffice to say, I slept very well afterwards.

Faps per week

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
5 11 9 11 4

When I look back at how things progressed throughout the month. I definitely put myself under pressure by getting off to a slow start in Week 1. That left my having to play catch up during Week 2. 

Then again, maybe it was the kick up the butt I need to really start to push my fap numbers up. Especially since it became apparent that a few of my followers were taking a keen interest in how I was getting on. That definitely gave me a lot more motivation to push my numbers instead of cruising along, taking it fairly easy to just hit the 1 fap per day target that I originally set myself.
The question is should I re-run the fun for next year's Masturbation Month and aim even higher? Perhaps for 50 faps? I'm not sure if I have that in me to maintain that for a whole month! 

My slow Week 1 aside, I was generally averaging around 10 masturbation sessions a week. I also dipped slightly in the shortened Week 5. Even if I pushed Weeks 1 and 5 up to the 10 faps a week average, that would still only leave me in mid-40s so there would certainly still be some work needed to get to 50.

What do you think? Should I go for 50 faps next May?

Or maybe you fancy taking on my target of 40 from this year to try to better it? I would certainly love to hear from you if you do!

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