Sunday 12 June 2022

Catching some Sunday rays

There are certainly much worse ways to spend a Sunday afternoon than lazily lying on the beach while the sun beats down on your bare skin. Especially when you are absolutely zonked and you feel like you have zero energy.

Of course, precautions must be taken by liberally applying plenty of high factor sun lotion before getting too much sun, especially if you are as pale-skinned as I am. Otherwise you will paying for your leisure time later with red and raw skin. Ouchie!

Also, be sure to have a nice towel to lounge on. When the sun is out, that sand can get hot, hot, hot which can be yet more ouchie! Not to mention sand being all coarse and rough and irritating. And it gets everywhere! 

And my final word of warning... Ladies, if you choose to sunbathe topless to avoid getting any of those pesky strap marks and you happen to be on a public beach, take care with where you discard your bikini top to. If you close your eyes and nod off for a little while and it hasn't been safely put somewhere, who knows who might come along and take it away with a souvenier.

I'm not even just talking about other beach-goers either! Those pesky seagulls will steal anything they can get their beaks on and they will feel no guilt about leaving you frantically trying to find something to cover your modesty when it is time to go home. Nobody wants to have to do a wlak of shame back to the car with nothing but your arm across your boobs to cover your nips.

Yeah, not quite how I hoped the day would end... Fucking seagulls!

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