Thursday, 21 July 2022

Handjob Day 2022

That's right ladies, today is the day to get stroking and give your man a pleasant treat.

Personally, I think it is so fucking hot to be giving a guy a causal handjob, while just carrying on as normal, as if nothing was happening. Just acting completely nonplussed about the whole think while his raging on hard-on is begging for you to let it shoot its goo everywhere. Hot as fuck, for sure.

Or, perhaps giving a sneaky handjob in a situation where other people are around but are blissfully unaware of you slyly stroking your hand up and down that throbbing hard cock that is out of sight from them.

My only disappointment with doing that is that all that yummy cum has to go to waste by not being exploded into my mouth or onto my face. But it's worth it if he has to struggle to stifle his orgasm for fear of alerting others to your antics. Being a tease is also so fucking hot.

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