Wednesday 20 July 2022

Ice cold, baby

Temperatures have cooled somewhat today but it is still hot hot hot!

I think my hotel got wind of my skinny dipping antics in their pool so they kindly asked me not to use it for a little while. I suppose you could consider it a soft ban of sorts.

My need to stay cool remained though, so I joined Amanda on Love Island to chill out there instead. And, although the pool there is better than nothing, it's basically just a paddling pool and not really ideal for such extreme heat. Better than nothing, yes. But lacking the ultimate cool factor of a proper pool

Do you know what is supremely good at chilling hot things? Ice! 

So it's a lucky thing that Love Island has a giant iceberg floating just off its shores. it didn't take much convincing by me to get Amanda on board with taking a swim out to enjoy the icy cold. And it was very, very cold. Maybe a little too cold for my sensitive tootsies!

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