Sunday 24 July 2022

A night out on Fuck Street

A rare night out in the city. But where should I spend my time? There are so many interesting places that are trying to get my attention!

Nevermind... I think we have a winner!

So what can I say about the Fuck Street Hotel?

Well, there is some fucking going on, for sure. Not as much as I would have hoped for considering the name though. Perhaps that is just because I only had access to the hotel lobby? Yes, there must definitely be so much fucking going on in all of the hotel rooms. I just don't get to see it because I'm not a paying guest. Yes, that must be it!

Hmm, what else?

Lots of ladies there. Not some many guys. Or rather, not so many guys how are partaking of the fucking. Yup, the ladies are definitely the hornier sex here, even if quite a few of them have something a little extra.

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