Saturday 30 July 2022

My summer rave party

So, my highlight of the Lovense Summer Rave Party was unquestionably getting a personal welcome from Gizmo as I stepped off the cable car and into this event's arena. That's right; the man, the myth, the legend, the one and only Gizmo greeted me upon arrival. 

If that wasn't enough to make my jaw drop to the floor, I was even more flattered to receive a gift from him. Wow! It kinda feels like you've made it when things like that happen!

Jess also managed to talk into getting a quick pic with us, during which I showed my gratitude to Gizmo by giving him a sneaking kiss on the cheek. 

I think Lisa was a bit cameras shy though as she did a runner to the nearby sofas. I still managed to get a few pics of us dancing near her though. It wouldn't have been the same if I didn't pap some pics of her and Gizmo living it large together,

From there on in, it was a bit of an uneventful party for me personally. I spent most of it chatting with Jess, Chris and Reena, although I did also get to meet someone who had joined our sexy community after seeing my blog, which always makes the time and hard work I put into it feel worthwhile.

Although it was a stunning venue, I feel like it just didn't have the usual amount of activities that we've come to expect from these massive Lovense events.

My primary disappointment was the lack of a red carpet this time, which I feel was a big miss. It was a lot of fun during the previous events to see everyone getting the chance to take their turn walking down and then posing on the red carpet. Some of them even getting to pose with Gizmo. Without that, I felt like is was missing that usual glitz and glamour.

It also felt like a lot of the other famous faces that you would expect to see there decided to give it a miss. It feels like that kind of echoes the sentiment that I'd been detecting from many people that they just weren't as bothered by it this time, which was a big shame because it is always so great to see the whole community gather and unite.

Without the usual Lovense display section to explore or the chillout area to take break in, I wasn't really sure what to do with myself apart from shaking my booty with those that I mentioned before.

Regardless, I did go for a little wander to see if there was anything that I'd not spotted from our spot beside the dancefloor. Indeed, there was!

I was genuinely surprised to find a series of glass-bottomed swimming pools around the perimeter of the club. 

Luckily, my shoes and skirt aside, I had picked an outfit that was very suitable for a quick dip, so I was able to temporarily ditch those items and hop into the water for a somewhat surreal experience of taking a swim while being able to see a few hundred feet above me to the ground below.

Drying off when I was done was not much of an issue in the current heat we are experiencing, but I added myself in the drying process by having another boogie to shake myself dry.

And that was about it for my evening really.

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