Monday, 1 August 2022

Raving and raging

Episode #4 of the 3DXChat Text-To-Speech Podcast is now up!

Max and Jess have returned to the studio for us to revisit all of our update hype to see if the beta client has delivered on all of our hopes and expectations.

We also deliver our verdict on last week's Lovense Summer Rave party. Will it live up to the past glorious of the previous extravaganzas that they've put on for the community? Only one way to find out!

Also, please start sending me your questions for our upcoming Ask Me Anything episode. I'll be joined by the lovely LongLegsSteph for that one and this is your opportunity to ask us anything.!

For example, what do we think about pineapple on pizza? Or anything that is much, much lewder than that. Anything goes! 

The deadline for questions is Wednesday August 10th and you can send them to me on Twitter either @Laura_TWK or @3dxttspod. Or, if you just happen to bump into me, tell me in person.

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