Monday 8 August 2022

International Female Orgasm Day 2022

As a continuation of my recent theme of not being able to keep on top of my shit, I completely failed to prepare my intended blog piece for International Female Orgasm Day.

It had been my intention to follow up last year's article, where I spoke to some female friends about orgasms, with an article for this year where I got the male perspective on our orgasms. Hopefully none of them would have just claimed it was a myth but, if they did, it would be a good learning opportunity to try to correct that misconception.

However, since I was too busy with other stuff to prepare that for this year, I guess I'll have to try again for it next year. Instead, you can have a consolation prize of some saucy pics demonstrating all the different ways that I can be made to cum! In other words, using cocks, toys, tongues or fingers.

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