Monday 19 September 2022

Paying my respects

There are those that will say that the British Royal Family are a relic of a bygone era that have no purpose in the modern world. There are others that say that they are a symbol of imperialism and colonialization. And there are some that think they are nothing more than over-privileged bigots who are a burden on taxpayers.

But I will make no apologies for being a fan of the Royal Family and, in particular The Queen. In truth, for many decades now, she has been little more than a figurehead and a diplomat. And what a figurehead she has been. 

Calmness personified. Quietly reassured. A symbol of unwavering resolve. Not one to scream her opinions for all to hear but one who kept quiet counsel and addressed issues via the proper channels; something that many world leaders could learn a thing or two about. Indeed, no world figure has been viewed with such global respect and reverence as He Majesty in her lifetime. A lifetime of service and dedication.

For while there maybe be many monarchies around the world, with many queens, there is only one The Queen, and she will be sorely missed. 

The world is a worse off place for not having her around any longer, so that is why I will be paying my respects and thanks to her today. Long Live The Queen!

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