Friday 16 September 2022

Sometimes it's good to suck

Oh my... Now this is the sort of competition that I can get behind.

The rules were simple. Each contestant got 5 minutes to blow the male volunteer to the best of their abilities. After every contestant was done, the lucky recipient of three blowjobs would judge their relative cock sucking performances and then have to name the best cock sucker, with the winner being named the new blowjob champion.

All three contestants sucked and licked and stroked as hard as they could. Well, there was actually a fourth contestant up on stage when they were preparing to get started but I guess she got cold feet and bottle out.

The third contestant, the defending champion no less, not only showed some headbobbing skills, but also began her time with a a quick spot of rimming to ensure the judge was well and truly turned on. Not only did she turn him on, but for an explosive finale to the competition, he emptied his balls all over her face, giving her a sticky shower of cum, for which she earned a thunderous round of applause from the crowd.

To be honest, the destination of the trophy was pretty predictable at this point, so I don't think any of the audience were surprised when the defending champion retained her crown and stood atop the podium as the winner once more.

My take on it was that I actually thought the first challenger looked as though she gave the best head. Of course, I can't comment on how it felt but, as an observer, I was most impressed with her dick sucking moves.

The champion obviously had the odds weighed in her favour though. By going last, she had the best chance of making the judge cum, with the two challengers having already brought him along nicely to the point where she could just finish him off. And what judge would not feel the urge to reward a facial with a higher score.

Also, by simply having the home field advantage as defending champ who everyone, the organisers included, were rooted for, her chances of being picked as the winner were markedly better. Whether there was a conscious or unconscious bias there, I'm sure she would have undoubtedly profited from one or the other.

With that said, I don't think any of the contestants really wowed me. I'm pretty sure that, with neutral judging, I could have taken any of them down. But, I don't believe this is was a level playing field. For that reason, and that reason alone, I did not step forward when they asked if their were any more challengers who would like to try to dethrone the champ.

If I thought for a second that the judging would be truly straight down the middle instead of being skewed towards the popular reigning champion, I would have been up on that stage showing them all how to give a unforgettable blowjob.

And just to reinforce my views, I hung around for the pussy licking contest that followed. The responsibility of judging this time feel to the dick sucking champ. I suppose it is one of the tasks that comes with wearing the crown. And there were just two guys competing; the judge from the previous competition and one member of the audience who volunteers to get up on stage. 

I think you can probably guess which one was declared the new pussy licking champion. Let's just say, a favour was returned and leave it at that...

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