Monday 17 October 2022

National Ass Day 2022

Perhaps now the reason why Amanda and I were practicing our very best bum wiggling yesterday will now become clear. That's right, we were simply preparing for National Ass Day!

OK, full disclosure - strictly speaking this is just an event for the United States, so Amanda and I fall a little bit out side of its jurisdiction. But, as they say, a good idea is a good idea. So, I for one and Amanda for two, choose to do our part in attempting to take this American day to a global audience. Because why would anyone not want to enjoy a day dedicated to booty?

If you are looking for any reason more profound than butts being sexy as fuck as a reason to celebrate this day, you will be sorely disappointed. There is no message being sent or good cause being promoted. The flaunting of one's ass is not to highlight some ill in the world. It is simply a day to appreciate beautiful bums.

So, if you are the lucky owner of a fine rump, by all means show it off to the world. Or, if you see a quality bit of ass, send a (not crude or crass) compliment to make someone's day.

And, if you are really lucky, maybe you could enjoy a little bit of bum play. Depending on how kinky or filthy you are feeling, there could be a playful squeeze or a gentle spank. All consensual, of course! Or maybe, a sneaky butt plug worn during day. A little bit of rimming even. Or just some good old fashioned buttfucking. (If you are new to butt stuff, you can check out the tips that I posted for Anal Sex Day for how to get the most out of it)  

We are literally spoilt for options for how to celebrate National Ass Day but, if I get my way, I will certainly be trying to get my hands on Amanda's cute little bum for a little play time. Fingers crossed!

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