Friday 4 November 2022

Sex Toy Joy

Happy National Sex Toy Day!!!

As you may not doubt have guessed from the various content I posted about, I have become a very big fan of a good sex toy. Truth be told, this is only a relatively recent thing though.

Sure, owning sex toys is nothing new to me. But being an enthusiast who is willing to spend on a bit of quality rather than cheap and cheerful toys is only something that has happened over the last couple of years, Undoubtably something to do with months and months of isolation due to lockdown and discovering the wonderful products provided by Lovense.

Anyway, I now have the majority of the women's toys and I love each and everyone of them. Definitely money well spent. There are still a few that I need to pick up in order to complete my collection though. If you are so inclined and feeling very generous, you can even help me out with that by heading over to my wishlist and gifting one to me. I think the lube gift on my wishlist is a little bit more realistic though.

And how will I be celebrating National Sex Toy Day? Well, I think that part should be obvious... By letting my followers buzz me until I cum over and over again, of course!

So I will I make that happen? Or, more importantly, how can you make that happen? By clicking the link below to get 5 minutes of control time of my Ferri, which I will be wearing in my panties all day while I go about my daily life. 

Who knows what I might be doing when I get buzzed? Possibly working on my laptop. Maybe doing the laundry. Answering the door the the mailman even! It could get embarrassing if the timing is bad for me, but I look forward to being surprised! 

So go on! Give the link below a click and take your turn!


(It's one at a time, so if it says time is up, just try again in a few minutes)

Or, if you would rather just treat yourself to a quality bit of sex toy tech, you can head over to the Lovense store where they have a solution to all of your sex you needs! Because National Sex Toy Day is not just about enjoying the toys you already have but also an opportunity to add to your collection or try something new.

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  1. Very Hot...hope to control more with you.