Friday 23 December 2022

Celebrating Global Orgasm Day in style

Did you partake of Global Orgasm Day yesterday? I certainly did! Would you like to hear a Christmas tale of how I got laid? Well, if you are sitting comfortably, let us begin...

It all began with me happening upon a very sexy house party. A naked house party, no less. What better place could there possibly be to find a random fuck buddy than a naked party, huh?

Actually, if experience has taught me one thing, it is that these sort of parties can actually be a bit of a let down. For, although everyone is more than happy to get their kit off and parade around in the nude, it often ends there, with everyone silently sitting and watching each other.

This party was already in full swing when I arrived though and plenty of guests getting lewd with on another. Would I have any luck finding a suitable cock that would be up to my standards?

You see, although I may be known for making porn and other x-rated content, I am not one of those girls that revels in having a reputation for being a filthy slut. My day job as a lewd content creator and my personal life are two very separate things. A common mistake maybe by would-be sex partners is to assume that I'll be game for a good fuck any time, any place with anyone. 

Reality couldn't be further from the truth though. I am, in fact, vey picky about who I will fuck. In truth, maybe a little too picky, often picking holes in every guy who hits on me as I look for a reason not to accept their advances.

But last night, I really wanted to fuck. I mean, I wanted it so badly. So I'm not going to say that may standards slipped, but any guy who could hit on me without being super lame or pushy and sleazy was most definitely in with a shot of getting between my legs.

As I prowled the rooms, getting a lay of the land, I received my first advance of the night. From a guy who was already going balls deep in some other slut in t he kitchen. However, I don't take kindly to being ordered to perform lewd acts, particularly when those orders are the first thing out of the mouth of some random guy who I don't know from Adam.

That was my first strike of the night. He was definitely not my cup of tea and not in the slightest bit compatible with me. As I mentioned, there were two types of guy that would flop with me tonight and that was one of them ticked off the list already.

Moving from the kitchen to the living room, I found myself a slightly secluded corner sofa to chill out on whilst I kept an eye out for other potential fuck partners. And soon enough another guy enquired as to whether I would mind if he could sit on the adjoining couch.

I presumed this was the prelude to him slowly scooching over to me for us to have a little bit of naughty fun but I was mistaken. A few minutes of silence follow before he got up and wondered off. I'm not sure if that counts as being lame but I'm going to say it was pretty lame and tick off the other unwanted sort of attention from my list. That left me on two strikes. Would it be three and out?

Spoiler alert - fortunately not!

As another guy sat down next to me, my inner voice prayed that he wouldn't be another waste of my time. His opening gambit was to tell me that he had watched some of my porn movies and been turned on by them so much that he had no choice but to masturbate whilst watching them. A very flattering comment, for sure.

He continued by telling me that just thinking about them now was getting him very turned on. That was something that was quite obvious already though. The thing about everyone being naked is that guys really cannot disguise when they are aroused. And judging by the size of his huge hard-on, he was very aroused indeed.

Wow, what a nice looking dick. He was fucking huge! 

So let's quickly consider the score at that moment. Well, he hadn't managed to annoy me with any of his comments, so he gets a point for that. He also had a great cock, so that's another point. And I was horny as fuck and more than ready to get boned, taking us to 3 points. Ding ding ding, I think we have a winner!

You should have seen the look of excitement on his face as I invited him to shuffle over a little bit close so I could touch his imperious fuckstick. And the girth of it was truly impressive; my hand barely being able to wrap all the way around it.

As a show of appreciation for his company, I gave him a soft but lingering kiss on the lips whilst my hand tenderly stroked up and down his shaft.

From there, my lips meandered down his body, across his muscular chest, down his tummy and then up along the length of his cock until I reached the very tippy top of it. His cock quivered at the sensual touch of my lips on it's head.

I wanted to suck it so bad but there was a fear in me that it would be too large for me to take. It would need some preparation before I could attempt that.

Drooling a long trail of saliva onto the head of his cock, tongue swirled around it, spreading my moistness all over, up and down. More drool and more licking. I would need his cock to be thoroughly lubricated if I was to take it all. For me this was a necessary step but for him, the pleasure was almost too much as he called out, begging me to stop teasing and to please wrap my lips around his manhood.

The time was right, so I gave him his wish.

My lips pressed against the lip of his cock. Forming a tight seal, they slowly but surely started to swallow his meaty dick. As his moistened cock gradually disappeared into my mouth, I felt it start to press against the back of my throat. It was so big and, despite only being half what down his shaft, I was already having to fight the urge to gag on it.

Coming up for a breather, I told him that I would need some help if he wanted me to take it all. He knew what I meant. 

As I tried again to take it all, I got to the same point again where I thought I'd be unable to go the rest of the way. Then. both hands on the back of my head, I felt him pushing my further down. Every instinct told me to fight and resist but I let him do it. 

Inch by inch, my head descended until my face was pressed against his tummy. With his, let's say, encouragement, I had managed to devour the whole thing.

I gagged hard. And again. After each gag, salvia seeped out from between my lips and his cock. But that was as much as I could take and I had to come up for some relief. As my lips ascended back up his saliva-coated shaft, I felt that it was now time to see if a different whole could take him.

He had other ideas though. Playfully tossing me onto the couch, he asked if he could take a turn in tasting between my legs. Too many guys need prompting to go down or just skip right passed it altogether, so this was a very welcome request.

My legs spread to invite him in towards my already moist cunt. The thrill of deepthroating his gigantic cock and the anticipation of eventually getting to fuck it had already got me quite wet. However, giving him the chance to further moisten my fuckhole ready to take his thing was certainly for the best.

His tongue diligently circled and flicked across my clit. Then a pause in the tongue-play as he sensually sucked on my clit. Back and forth between the two; some licking and then some sucking. It felt heavenly. And that feeling only got more intense as his fingers joined the party, sliding inside my wet cunt to stimulate me from inside as his tongue and lips continued pleasing me on the outside.

Leaving him to focus on pleasuring me between my legs, I couldn't keep my hands from fondling my boobs. One in each hand, I squeezed, massaged and pinched. If I had felt like I was in heaven before, this was something else entirely.

I suddenly became aware of how loud I must have been moaning. I had been so lost in the pleasure that I'd be oblivious to it before but now I was very conscious of it. I didn't care if other party-goers could hear it though. Let's not kid ourselves that everyone there wasn't there to fuck so there was absolutely nothing to be ashamed of if others could hear that that was exactly what we were doing. 

Hell, as I glanced up and looked around the room, I could see a number of other guests watching us. A few of them even touching themselves.

What my partner was doing to me felt so good. If he carried on for much longer, there is no doubt in my mind that he would have made me cum. I could already feel it building within me.

As nice as it would have been to just lay back and let it happen, it would have been a shame not to get to experience that gargantuan cock inside me. Reluctantly, I picked myself up and climbed on top of him.

Slowly and carefully I lowered my pussy towards the tip of his dick. And then, as I continued to lower myself, it pressed against my pussy lips before forcing it's way inside. I bite my lip and I felt it stretching my tight cunt. Thankfully, the combination of the remains of my saliva on his cock and my pussy being super wet from his expert cunnilingus, helped immensely in allowing it to slide into me with the minimum resistance or friction.

Eventually reaching the base of his cock, I took a moment to appreciate just how big it was. It completely filled up my insides. Surely one of the biggest that I have ever taken.

With my pussy now feeling a little more accustomed to this monster that was stretching it open, I felt ready for the fucking to begin.

Slowly rising and falling, I did my best slide up and down the whole length of his pole. 

As I did so, his hands wandered all across my naked skin. From squeezing both of my buttcheeks, they meandered up to my boobs. Then, after a quick fondle of those, one of his hands slid down to between my legs. His finger tips gently rubbing my clit stimulated me to ride him just a little bit faster.

I planted a deep, passionate kiss on his lips as our fucking gradually increased in intensity. Whilst our  tongues teased one another, my rhythm changed. Instead of sliding up and down his meaty fuckstick, my hips began grinding back and forth along his chunky thighs.

We were now full on fucking with no holding back. No more taking it easy for fear of being torn by his huge cock. No more keeping ourselves to ourselves. We were moaning and grunting; no doubt everyone in the room could hear us going at it, but we didn't care.

Then, breaking off from rubbing my clit, his hands ran down under my legs before lifting a spinning me round on his cock. Adapting to my position, he was now squatting on his cock instead of kneeling on the couch; much better for giving him an energetic ride. And, at the same time, he slid his butt down so it was now hanging off the edge of the couch, giving him much more range for ramming his cock into me.

It became a competition to see who could fuck the other harder. I was bouncing up and down with as much gusto as I could manage, whilst he was repeatedly driving his cock up into me. God, it was amazing but it was missing one thing. 

I wanted that clitoral stimulation again so I took matters into my own hands, literally. Furiously rubbing myself, I could feel myself getting oh so creamy. Every time his shaft emerged from in side me, it was getting coated with more and more of my cream. I was so close to cumming now.

His hands were not idle either; squeezing and fondling my ass, even giving me the occasional spank. This was filthy fucking at its very best and the dirty talk was on par as well. He delighted in telling me how much he was enjoying my cunt and how naughty I was. He told me all about how he jerked off to my porn performances but how the really thing was infinitely better. He begged me to allow him to do this again and again in the future.

Fuck, I was close to that big O that I had been seeking when I walked through the door earlier in the evening. I begged him to bring me over the edge and he duly obliged.

Lifting me off his cock, he threw my onto the couch. Without pause, he slammed his cock back into my creamy cunt, furiously driving it hard and deep into me. I was screaming at him to fuck me with everything he had as I teetered on the edge of cumming.

However, he urged me to hold it back just a little longer so we could cum together. He gleefully boosted about how large his cumloads are and promised to drain his balls inside.

I tried my best but then the wave of pleasure washed over me. My eyes rolled back and my whole body quivered as the orgasm that I had hoped for took grip on me. I was cumming hard and I was not ashamed of letting everyone in the room know.

Them, as the tension in my body subsided and I began to go limp on the couch, his warmth exploded inside me. True to his word, he emptied all of his hot spunk inside me. There was so much cum. He spasmed and thrust hard into me with each pump of jizz until there was nothing left. 

With his climax now also complete, the slowed to a standstill with his cock still deep inside me. His cum oozed out of my pussy around his cock, dribbling down onto the couch. Then a torrent of it as he pulled out and removed the blocker that was holding most of it in me.

Being the considerate lover that I try to be, I couldn't let him leave with his cock still covered in cum. I am a big believer in giving every cock I fuck a good clean and polish when I am done with. So I sucked and licked, cleaning up all of the bodily juices that had coated it. Those juices having come from both him and myself.

Once cleaned up, a deliberately sharp swallow and those juices were gone. However, I'm sure he still would have gotten a very cum-flavoured kiss as I pressed my lips to his for a kiss goodbye.

With him then heading for the door with a nice clean cock, all that was left was for me to clean up myself. Cum dribbling down my inner thighs, I scampered upstairs to one of the unoccupied bedrooms and hoped into the en-suite shower to freshen up. The warm shower water on my soft skin felt divine.

Perhaps it felt a little too good. As I scooped the last drops of jizz out of my my pussy, I couldn't resist continuing to touch myself once more. What started as my finger tips softly teasing my throbbing clit, soon became a full on masturbation session in the shower.

Orgasm number two of the evening quickly followed . And it was only when I had finished, that I looked to the door to see another random guy stroking his cock while admiring the show I had unwittingly been giving him.

I'll admit that I was tempted to invite him to join me in the shower for an attempt at orgasm number three. Very tempted! However, it was getting late and I needed to be off, so all he got was a wink and a kiss on the cheek as I squeezed passed him and headed for the door.

So that was how I celebrated Global Orgasm Day. How about you? Did you get to cum as well?

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