Thursday 22 December 2022

Global Orgasm Day 2022

Before we consider why it is so important to celebrate orgasms, let's go back to basics for a moment and ponder whether we all know what an orgasm actually is.

The Oxford Dictionary defines it as "the climax of sexual excitement, characterized by intensely pleasurable feelings centred in the genitals and (in men) experienced as an accompaniment to ejaculation."

Although I come from a science background, that sounds all a little bit too cold and clinic for my liking. So what does the Urban Dictionary have to say on the matter? Well, plenty although quality does vary.

Here's a definition from peachyykleen that, by no means perfect or complete, certainly encapsulates some important points:

"The highest point of sex/sexual intercourse where the woman/girl’s eyes roll back in their head, her legs start shaking and her vagina starts beating like someone’s heart very fast. She starts moaning various times in different pitches and ways to say or scream something.

And for a man, he thrusts his dick fast and hard into a woman’s pussy, then he cums"

Notice the difference in detailed description between what the man and woman experience? This, for me, is something of critical importance, yet he Oxford Dictionary definition completely omits any mention of it.

But, not only is the orgasm experience different between men and women, so is the art of achieving one. As peachyykleen rather facetiously but accurately says, for men, it is very simple; he just needs to thrust his dick into something, anything really and then, after sufficient stimulation, he cums. 

How long that may take, will vary, and, as the saying going, 'any hole is a goal'. Vaginas, anuses, mouths and clenched hands will all do the job nicely. Or even a pocket pussy or masturbater toy during some solo time.

For women, it is a bit more complicated, such that some even joke that the female orgasm is a myth. The truth to that is there is no one, single way to make every women orgasm. For instance, penetrative sexy will do it for some, but not for others, so having a guy thrust his dick in and out, may not get the job done for some women; they require some clitoral stimulation as well. And then there is the legendary squirter, who will soak all and sundry as she reaches climax.

So, while orgasms are far less of a sure thing for women, it is not all doom a gloom. At the opposite end of the spectrum, women are far more capable of cumming again and again whilst enjoying multiple orgasms. Men, on the other hand, will need a decent bit of down down to recover after they have blown their load. Sure, they will be able to go again after a bit, but they can't keeping riding those orgasms one after another.

And that leads to the obvious question of who has it best when it coms to orgasms? I'll leave that up to you to decide. Do you prefer something that is a sure thing with not too much effort? Or would you rather gamble on something that is less sure but can be so much better when it actually happens?

Of course, does anything beat a simultaneous orgasm with your sex partner? Both of you releasing all of the built up tension at the exact same time, you naked bodies pressed against each other. I feel it is harder to get much closer to another human being than in that moment.

That, in my opinion anyway, is one of the reasons that orgasms are so important. They are the height of intimacy with your lover. And, speaking from the female perspective, the extra effort that a guy may have to go to to get you there, conveys are caring that can be deeply appreciated.

As for guys, I suppose they have an expectation that they will orgasm. I mean, as long as they don't get blue-balled by some sort of interruption, they will surely get to spunk either in or on their partner. But that seems to always make them happy, so all is good in the end.

Funnily enough, and I didn't actually realise this myself until I was doing a little research whilst writing this article, there is another reason to celebrate Global Orgasm Day.

It is actually a message of peace. You see, some say that by celebrating orgasms at the end of the winter solstice, that surge in positive human feeling from all of the those intense orgasms, will bring positive and peaceful change to the Earth's energy field.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, I like science, so this sort of thing does not do anything for me. But, I won't say no to an excuse to enjoy a Big O. 

If you didn't catch it last year, you can find out a little more about the female orgasm by reading the article I wrote for International Female Orgasm Day

I don't think I am quite so qualified to speak on the male orgasm, so let's just say that if feels really fucking good. Maybe, for next year, I'll find some willing male volunteers to help me learn more about it. For science, of course!

And, if you are all alone and need some inspiration for how to get yourself off today, why not consider taking on either my Jerk Off Instruction or Try Not To Cum Challenge videos. I am absolutely confident that either of them will make you cum and give you a bloody good orgasm along the way!

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