Wednesday 21 December 2022

Take it to the streets

When it comes to showing one's commitment to the profession of stripping, I feel like it takes a certain level of dedication to being naked to have been willing to do the deed at tonight's Strip N Rock party.

Why is that? Well, as you can no doubt see from the pictures below, it was a Strip N Rock with a difference this week. That difference being that the party was held outdoors in the middle of a very cold and snow street. I can't even begin to describe the chill of the wind whipping down between the builds.

All I can really say is "brrrrrrr".

Anyway, the lack of heat, walls and a roof aside, it was a pretty typical Strip N Rock night. The usual suspects showed tremendous dedication to giving the punters what they had come to see by disrobing live on stage. There were some of the hardest nipples I have ever seen on display, let me tell you!

I just hope they didn't catch a cold just days before Christmas. I don't think any amount of dollar bills being thrown onstage in return for a sight of some bare boobies is worth that.

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