Thursday 5 January 2023

A reminder of harder times

A quick trip down memory lane...

You may recognise this particular truck stop restroom. Not only is it notorious for being a hive of filthy sexual activity. But the alley behind it is where I called home for a few days after I was evicted from my island back in late 2021.

Having to resort to proving sexual favours for pennies to feed myself with, I wasn't exactly in a rush to revisit such a shameful period of my life. I just so happened to be incidentally driving by today though, so I pulled over and stuck my head inside to see if anything had change.

It was exactly as I remembered it! 

Feeling relieved that my financial woes are a thing of the past and with my intrigue for today now settled, I can quite happily say that will not be return any time soon.

It does make me wonder what drives (no pun intended) others to frequent this truck stop though. Well, it's probably obvious for the various truckers who are looking for some quick and easy sex while they are out on the road.

But what about the girls who find themselves performing all sorts of lewd and deprived sex acts? Are they there out of necessity, trying to make ends meet, just like I was? Or do they derive pleasure from being so filthy? 

Maybe a little from column A and little from column B perhap?s

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