Friday 6 January 2023

Ace of Spades

Does the term 'Ace of Spades' exist in the sexual vernacular? Or is this simply a play on the reasonably well-known term 'Queen of Spades'. (For those that don't know, Queen of Spades is used to describe a white woman with a preference from black men)

I only ask because I'm wondering whether the name is supposed to set an expectation for what sort of delicacies will be on offer and who they are primarily catering towards. 

I'm not really sure what that could be in this case though, so let's just say that maybe a name is just a name and there is nothing more to it than that. Or maybe the owner is just a really big Motorhead fan...

Anyway, what I can say is that this place had a fairly diverse choice of ladies on offer. Lots of busty, blonde white girls for sure, but also plenty of other flavours for the discerning guest to pick from as well. 

Actually, it's one of the best staffed strips clubs I can remember visiting so there really is no shortage of options to pick for. Surely, that means there is something for everyone? But like I said, definitely more blondes than anything else, so great if that is your thing.

And, on the flip side, plenty of diversity in terms of the patrons as well. I didn't get the impression that they were targeting any particular demographic so yeah... seems like I'm maybe trying to read more into the name than I really should do. 

So what can I actually say about the Ace of Spades? Well, firstly, they describe themselves as 'lusty strip club'. I'll assume that that means their girls offer more services than a simple titty dance up on stage, In particular, since I did noticed a few strippers leading willing punters into the backrooms, presumably for a bit of lusty behaviour. 

I don't think I need to elaborate on that for you too much.

That said, there was plenty of spots for lusty behaviour out in public though. Two of the wall lined with beds for anyone who wanted to use them. And there certainly were people that did. I couldn't say if they were more intended guests who wanted to fuck amongst themselves with the private rooms being reserved for staff. 

Or perhaps guests who were paying a different rate for their lusty time. If that is the case, I wonder where getting fucked up against the side of the stage fits in on the price list because one stripper was more than happy to hop down from the stage and get railed right there in front of everyone.

But here is where I can't help but come back to that name again. You see, almost all of the coupling up that I saw was interracial. 

Again, I couldn't tell if all the women were actual staff or merely guests who were looking to hook up, but the trend was so clear that it strikes me as more than a coincidence. I could be wrong. Or maybe I'm learning that the Ace of Spades term references interracial sex somehow. 

I dunno...

What I do know, is that I think the Ace of Spades is a pretty cool strip club to visit if you are looking for some quick titillation or company from a beautiful partner.

For those that just want to look or throw a few dollar bills on-stage, there is a large central stage that is occupied by typically half a dozen different girls at any one time. Smaller booths, each with their own pole, are all spotted around the outside of the room.

The bar at the far end was perhaps a little small considering the capacity of the place but it was really busy. Presumably guests were more occupied quenching a different type of thirst.

The dancefloor up the other end was also fairly modest and a bit more lively. Ah, but who am I trying to kid? No-one goes to a strip club to dance themselves. That's what they are paying the strippers to do!

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