Thursday 12 January 2023

Kiss a Ginger Day 2023

The origins of Kiss a Ginger Day are not entirely clear, but it is believed to have started as a social media movement in response to a hair colour-based bullying that some people with red hair have experienced. The idea behind the holiday is to celebrate and appreciate people with red hair, and to raise awareness about the negative stereotypes and discrimination that some redheads have faced.

The day is typically marked by people posting pictures of themselves or their loved ones with red hair on social media, using the hashtag #KissAGingerDay. People are also encouraged to give redheads in their life a kiss or a compliment, as a way to show appreciation and support.

However, it is worth noting that some of people with ginger or red hair, do not feel comfortable with this day and may find it uncomfortable, or even offending. In that sense, it's important to respect their feelings and not force any physical or emotional expression on them, even if it comes with good intentions. Remember to ask for consent and to respect personal boundaries.

It's also important to note that gingerism is considered as a form of discrimination, which means that is not okay to mock, tease or make fun of someone because of their hair colour. I've always found it somewhat ironic that so many women choose to artificial turn themselves into redheads despite gingers getting teased so much. 

I suppose the old-fashioned bad reputation that gingers, and by extension all redheads. got is slowly fading away and people are finally realising how fucking sexy they are. About time if you ask me!

But one thing bothers me; where are all the cute redheaded guys for me to kiss on Kiss a Ginger Day, ? 

Are they still trying to hide their true nature? Because they shouldn't! Redheads are amazing, which is why they get their own day to be celebrated and appreciated.

Fun fact - Red heads with blue eyes are the rarest combination of hair and eye colour, making up just 1% of the world's population. If that doesn't make them special, I don't know what does!

So what are you waiting for? Give a redhead that is dear to you a kiss to shown them how loved and cared for they are!

It doesn't even have to be a romantic or passionate kiss. Sure, if you have a loved one with whom that would be appropriate, then go for it! But a simple peck on the cheek for a dear friend or family member will also go a long way towards telling them they are valued and loved.

And remember, Kiss a Ginger Day is not just strictly for gingers. The day can and should be celebrated for all of the redheads out there. 

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