Sunday 14 May 2023

Cha cha cha

Amanda hosted our annual Eurovision party last year so it was my turn to host for the 2023 edition.

I don't think either of us had the same level of expectation for the UK performance this as we had last. However, the hype seemed to suggest that a respectable showing should still be on the cards. One which would put us comfortable in the midfield. How wrong we were...

But hey, at least it wasn't last or a nil points.

The disappointment of our our 2nd from last place finish aside, it was a decent show. The early performance were all a bit meh in my opinion. It wasn't until around the middle when things really got going with a run of strong performances that could all be expected to be in contention at the end of the night. 

Chief amongst those was the Finnish entry which embodied everything that I want from a good Eurovision song; catchy tune, great stage presence, fantastic presentation and completely bonkers.

Look, I'll admit it, I don't want some radio friendly song to win Eurovision. I want something that is just absolutely insane. Think Lordi when they won it or the crazy Israel winner from a few years back with all those waving cats.

Honestly, I thought the only thing that could stop Finland would be the judges vote and that's exactly how it turned out. I knew they would prefer Sweden's fantastic vocal perform of an OK song to Finland's nuts effort. The live crowd made their preference abundantly obvious with the constant "cha cha cha" chants for Finland and I was right there with them.

Oh, and one other thing that Finland had which actually seemed to be a bit of a recurring theme throughout the event was a hint of light bondage in the stage performance. Lots of leather, chokers and straps could be seen during various different performances with Serbia's Nine Inch Nails inspired performance being an early trend setter. Shame that Serbia was let down by such a poor vocal performance. More BDSM theming next year please! Amanda and I found that most exciting.

Elsewhere, I thoroughly enjoyed Australia's performance, which made my blood boil because it still bothers me that they are now part of Eurovision despite being halfway round the world on a completely different continent. Again, it ticked all the same boxes as Finland whilst just being a little more restrained.

The final spot in my personal top 3 was a toss up between Israel, who entered a pretty good pop song with a definite emphasis on the hottie factor of the singer, and Belgium, who had a very strong early 90s Take That vibe.

Rounding out my top 5 was Germany. Yes, that's the same Germany that finished last... I guess some people don't appreciate the weird and wacky, with this being yet another that could be put into that category. However, unlike with Finland and Australia, this one must have just been a little bit too wacky, for both the judges and the public. (On a side note, am I the only one who got Graverobber from Repo! The Genetic Opera vibes from the German singer?)

I'm not sure how Croatia was spared a similar fate to Germany as their performance was like an LSD nightmare. Possibly the most unhinged experience I've ever had when watching Eurovision. Yes, it was even too wacky for me. That said, the video package that they had for the stage show was top notch.

My least favourites were Portugal (a shit and boring song) and Slovenia (just a shit song). I'm really not sure how Portugal ended up with so many points. Likewise for Lithuania who, although she sand well, just had a boring song that had nothing going for it. That one should have easily been bottom half even if not troubling the very bottom of the table.

As for Sweden, well it was obvious they would get it from very early on which made the whole results portion of the show a bit of a non-event as it drained all tension for the proceedings. Oh well, on to next year!

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