Tuesday 30 May 2023

Havasu Hangout

Gosh, I've had such a hectic week. Most people, when they take a short break, get some long overdue rest or just chillax. Of course, I'm not most people. When I take a break, I want to pack it full of as much fun as I possibly can. If I don't come back in desperate need of rest, then I've just not made the most of that time.

By that metric, this past week has been an massive success. So when I caught up with Amanda at Havasu Falls last night, I had to give her the full rundown of everything I'd been up to. A day by day retelling of my time away, if you will.

She did very well to indulge me as I went on about all these geeky things I love but which are completely over her head. And as a bonus, I even got a quick snuggle with her before it was time to return home for some well-earned sleep. A perfect way to cap off a perfect week!

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