Thursday 1 June 2023

Fap recap #5

OK, so last we left off, I was at 46 fps for May with just 3 days remaining. Having averaged 1.65 faps a day for the first 28 days of the month, continuing at the rate, I'd expect to hit 4.9 faps over those last 3 days, which would see me end on a total of 51 faps.

For the record, I only just did those maths so it is entirely coincidental that I did indeed get myself off a further 5 times since my previous fap recap, this brining me to a final total of 51 faps for Masturbation Month and a challenge successfully completed!

Faps per day during week 5

          Monday Tuesday Wednesday        
          2 1 2        

To be honest, it was a relief that it didn't go down to the literal final minutes of the month this year and that I actually went beyond my target instead of just about hitting it at the last minute.

In actual fact, I expected it to be more comfortable than it turned out to be in the end. During week #1 I more or less decided that I would be compelled to finger myself every time I visited a club with a dedicated masturbation area or any sort of masturbation signage. 

But, after seeing a bunch of those during that week, they soon dried up and I didn't have to follow through with that a single time during the rest of the month. A bit of a disappoint really but completely out of my control.

Faps per week

Week #1 Week #2 Week #3 Week #4 Week #5
10 14 13 9 5

Thinking ahead to next year, should I set myself a new target? I've given it plenty of thought and I don't think I fancy it. Whilst I do advocate regular self-pleasure, it has become a bit of an all-consuming activity for the last 31 days and has kind of gotten in the way of life a little. So I really have no desire to push for a higher target next year.

I did consider setting an alternative type of goal instead. Perhaps something like trying to fap every single day instead of just having a grand total to hit. However, I think there are obvious reasons why I've not done that either this year or last. 

I am open to suggestions for other challenges to take on in 11 months time, so you've got plenty of time to propose those to me

Fap #48 

Although I've had sex in car multiple times before, this was the first time I've fingered myself. Also, the first time I've orgasmed whilst being stuck in traffic. I've given a handjob in such a situation before but I've cum myself. But I have now!

I suppose it all came down to feeling the pressure to maximise any available moment to masturbate. Stuck in a long queue of cars that were going absolutely nowhere, I hitched up the bottom of my dress, carefully slipped my panties off and then went to town on making myself cum.

It's not often that I'm stuck in traffic and don't want things to get moving. However, this was one time that I definitely was happy for that handbrake to stay on as I dread to think what would have happened if the queue of cars had started moving whilst my fingers were bringing me to a hot climax.

I can only imagine what the person in the car in front must have been thinking every time they glanced in their mirror and saw me writhing around in my seat. Hopefully it got them nice and turned on too!

Fap #50

This was really just about getting the challenge done so nothing exciting or kinky to report for this fap. Just me, my fingers and a large wet patch on my sofa from a rather explosive climax that left me wishing that I'd put a towel down first.

To be fair, it's not often that I gush like that when cumming. It usually only happens when I have strong G-spot simulation accompanied with some clitoral stimulation. That tends to be when I have one of my toys inserted and cranked up to buzz the fuck out of my G-spot.

This time I managed it with just my fingers though. Not deliberately but a suitably fitting way to bring up my target of a half century of faps for Masturbation Month. Challenge completed and with time to spare!

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