Sunday 7 May 2023

One week of wanking in the bag

Sorry for not giving more updates this week on my masturbation progress. It's been a super busy week and I'm amazed that I've had any time at all to play with myself. Nevertheless, I've pushed myself to get in a cheeky fap at literally every possible opportunity, so not a single minute of my downtime has been wasted with anything other than making myself cum.

Fingers crossed, next week will be more of a normal week with plenty of added time for a bit of self-pleasuring. And that should mean that I'm able to make really positive progress towards my goal of 50 faps for the month. 

In fact, even considering how busy I have been, I'm actually just about on target for the average number of weekly faps required at the end of week 1. I assumed that I'd be behind and having to make up ground throughout the rest of May, but I'm just about on target. 

I think the only thing that can stop me from reaching my target now is if I get sick and tired of cumming. Pfft, as if that is going to happen!

Anyway, here are my results from this week. As you can see, I started and ended the week strong, even if things took a dip in between.

Faps per day during week 1

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
3 1 1 0 1 1 3

It was obviosuly not intentional at all, but I do find the symmetrical distribution of the faps across the week quite amusing and somewhat satisfying. Not as satisfying as those 10 orgasms thnough!

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