Tuesday 2 May 2023

Quickfire fapping

During last year's Masturbation Month, I set myself the challenge of fapping as many times as possible.

My initial goal was merely to average 1 fap a day throughout the entire month. But after being challenged to raise my game on social media, I decided to go all in and see what I could do.

Despite a slow start during the first week of the challenge, I finished the month on a fairly respectable 40 faps. Not too shabby if you ask me.

But this year I want to beat that total. Perhaps maybe even aim for the nice round target of 50. It'll take a bit of dedication, especially since I won't have too much free time for some fingering during the first week of May, but I think it is possible.

To show my commitment to the challenge, I've already managed to rack up 3 faps on day 1. The first of those commencing at 0:10 am on the morning of 1st May before I went to sleep and the second coming as soon as I woke up. Having my first 2 faps on the board after just 9 hours is the perfect and adding a third later in the day just the cherry on top. 

Now I just need to keep that sort of form up for another 30 day!

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