Tuesday 13 June 2023

Figures of Tranquillity

If you listened to the masturbation themed episode of the TTS podcast, then you may remember Caligula promising to give me a call to model in his on-going Figures of Tranquillity series. It's a stunning series of sexy but tasteful black and white shots of some of the most gorgeous models around.

I wouldn't presume to count myself amongst those ranks, so it made my day when the call came through. It was all a bit impromptu; a message on my phone asking if I was available then and there. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity and hurried over to Caligula's studio.

You can see for yourself how it turned out at https://twitter.com/Caligula3dx/status/1668105846054883329

It was one of those shoots were the photographer asks you to just be yourself and do what feels natural. Often, if the photographer has a specific concept in mind, it's helpful to be given plenty of direction to ensure that you are delivering what he has in mind. But sometimes, like during this shoot, it is fun to be given free reign to to bring your own personality to the shoot.

The one request I did get was to pose for a few shots that were inspired by our masturbation conversion on the podcast. it seems that I have now developed a reputation for being the queen of masturbation and that's what photographers want to see from me. 

I hope I don't get too pigeonholed as being nothing but a rampant masturbator (for the record, my masturbation schedule has been far more casual during June; just as and when I'm in the mood), but if it get me more modelling jobs...

Just in case you are still here instead of clicking the link above to check out my sexy bod, here's a couple of teasers to encourage you! (his actual photos are obviously much better than mine!)

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