Monday 9 October 2023

Pink temptation

For this week's Monday night rendezvous at the beach, Amanda was extremely keen to show off her cute new cycling shorts. Ones that are very thematically appropriate for Pink October. She knew that I'd approve greatly of anyone showing their support by wearing some pink.  

Except, I was somewhat more focussed on how the skin tight fabric of her shorts beautifully showed off the gorgeous curves of her sexy little bum. I was transfixed by the way they clung to her shapely rear and left nothing to the imagination. 

My word, it looked so yummy. The urge to lean forward and give her bum a little nibble while she wiggled it before my face was almost too much to resist. Almost. But I just about managed to suppress that lewd desire.

Maybe one day I'll get to enjoy that pleasure. I can dream.

And, for the record, I am very proud of her for showing her support for Breast Cancer Awareness month by thinking pink. I hope others will also follow her example.

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