Saturday 30 March 2024

Ballrooms & Black Cats

Another week, another pair of Black Cats to debut!

My intention had been to show these off on Friday night at the Black Rose. And I did manage to do that but debut probably only lasted for all of about 10 minutes before my night out came to a premature end.

In a sense though, that was fortuitous turn of events as it gave me an excuse to wear them again the following next to The Library's Masquerade Ball event. Which may not in and of itself seem fortunate until you remember that The Library's main brand colour is a rather pretty shaded of teal. A shade that is very close indeed to that which appears of the sole of these Black Cats. 

That's right, not only did these Black Cats beautifully compliment my ballroom dress, but they also subtly  complimented the venue of this event as well. Couldn't have asked for a better bit of synergy than that, which more than made up for missing out on the previous night's bit of culture.

So that's the first bit of my masquerade outfit already covered. The other key component to decide on was what mask I'd wear. I'm not an extravagant person at all, so something fairly understated was definitely what was called for. Feathers or loud decorations like that were out of the question. 

Instead, I wanted to focus on the colour, going for something bold but, again, complimentary to the rest of my outfit. In the end, I settled for a simple green design that would nicely twin with eye colour. With that style choice made, I just needed to complete my look with a suitable colour of lipstick, which, of course, was a striking green that also matched my eyes.

As for the ball, it was wonderful affair, even if I was a little late arriving and I got the sense that things were on the cusp of beginning to wind down. 

Funnily enough, I had stated playing a similar sort of ball many years ago, back in the days of Angels of Desire. Unfortunately, the club closed before I got chance to make it happen. It's only taken 8 or so years, nut it was a great pleasure to see that someone else finally managed to pull of something similar.

And it really was super similar to the way I had envisioned it in my mind, although, whether I could have pulled it of to this standard is doubtful. I mean, the ballroom itself was almost exactly what I would have liked to do. 

The main real differences being that I would have had all of the dinning tables setup in the half of the room closest to the entrance with the other half of the room set aside for the dance floor. Here, they had the dancefloor running the length of the room with the dinning tables setup down either sound.

Also, they had a bar in the middle of the room, which I wouldn't have had in my plan but I think it worked well as a centrepiece.

They other big difference is that I would have had a fountain in the lobby. I'm pretty sure I've said this a bunch of times in the past but I 'm a big fan of lobbies that have have fountains. I think they perfectly set the tone as you are welcomed to a venue.

That said, there was nothing wrong with this lobby, which was lined with some suitably lewd and kinky sculptures mounted on the walls. I know the event was being hosted by a BDSM club, but I wasn't expecting anything quite as naughty. I'm pleased that they were there though. 

Just as they made the event look unmistakably in keeping with The Library. Their signature teal was very prominent, as were the more subtle natural colours that you would expect to see in The Library. It was a classy look for a decidedly classy affair.

That said, I was still pleased to see some kinky sculptures at the top and bottom of the stairs inside the ballroom. Nice to have very visual reminders of the kinky roots to the party which went beyond just the branding. 

Of course, all of the decor in the world is no substitute for fabulous event. You can have the most beautiful venue in the world but it will count for nothing if the party is dead. 

No fears of that here though. The music was absolutely on point and perfectly set the tone and encouraged party-goers to get on their feet to fill the dancefloor. 

And, for those of us like me who were flying solo, the bar was humming with singles waiting to be picked up, or who were just happy to soak in the atmosphere whilst enjoying a rather expensive-tasting drink.

Who knows; maybe they will host more of these events and I can attend one of those with a +1 to experience that side of the party. Actually, I hope there are more of them even if I can't find a partner to attend with. I just like to see events like this in general, especially when they are executed to such a high standard by organisers who are clearly passionate about delivering a memorable night out for their guests.

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