Monday 6 May 2024

Mutual Mondays

It's funny how I always seem to get more invites to take part in photoshoots around this time of the year and that most of them have a common theme. It's almost as if I've managed to get some sort of reputation for masturbation or something.

All I'll say to that is that it's reassuring that at least some people must be paying attention to all the smutty... I mean informative... things that I post in order for me to become known for something.

That said, if there is one other person who has also been proudly flying the flag for self-pleasuring, that would have to be Jerome. Indeed, you may remember that I had him on last year's masturbation themed episode of the Text to Speech Podcast where I got to talk all about beating the meat with him and Caligula.

So it obviously makes total sense that he would wait until now to invite me to appear in one of his shoots as it all ties in rather nicely. And I think those are the best sort of shoots; where they are somehow relevant to or inspired by the model instead of being something a little more generic.

And that sort of thoughtfulness that really help to elevate the quality of his work. It's fun and cheeky but thoughtfully put together with beautiful compositions set against stunning vistas. For that reason, you should absolutely click the image below to head over to his Twitter and give him a follow. If you do, I'm sure you will be rewarded with more posts like this one every Monday during Masturbation Month! 

And, on a side note, it is definitely worth pointing out that I managed to tick off at least two more items on my Masturbation Month bingo card whilst we were doing this shoot.

You can probably work them out for yourselves just by looking at his amazing pictures. If not, you'll have to wait until tomorrow and my first weekly fap recap to get the low down on how I'm getting on so far.

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