Thursday 4 February 2021

Introducing The Cream Team

Let me start off by saying that I'm not going to give my usual play by play account of what happened this afternoon. I think the pictures below speak for themselves. Instead I just want to cover some of the main talking points. So let's go ahead and get into that.

First of all, I haven't seen a masturbation party advertised since my last visit when Jess and I milked several dicks dry. So when I saw one advertised today, you bet your ass I was going to get my butt down there and have some fun with myself. I love that place.

Secondly, Jessica seems to have some sort of otherworldly, sixth sense for when I'm there because for my second visit in a row, she has strolled in literally minutes after me, just as I was getting myself warmed up.

Keeping with that theme, I'm happy to announce that Jess and I have formed The Cream Team for when we make future visits to the masturbation party, of which I hope there will be many. I'm sure I don't have to explain why... Ok, ok, I'll spell it out. It's because we like getting showered with hot, sticky cum! 

(New applicants to tThe Cream Team are welcome but a willingness to be cum on at masturbation parties is an absolute must)

With that being said, we both flew solo this time. I had a sexy one on one with a guy in one of the side rooms while Jess tempted a pair of gents out in the main corridor with her gorgeous, round ass. 

Very interestingly, my wanker didn't even attempt to talk his way between my legs or get my lips around his cock. He was very content to stroke himself while watching me fiddle with my pussy. Of course, we exchanged plenty of dirty talk, telling each other what we would like to see the other do.

The only viable conclusion is that my tactic of wearing a fishnet body stocking to tell guys "you can look but don't touch" worked an absolute treat. It lets them seem everything but apparently is some sort of impenetrable barrier that their cocks cannot breach. Good to know for the future.

I should also mention that, since it is not all that obvious from my pics, a second wanker did run into my room, blow his load and then run off. It all happened so fast that I couldn't react quick enough to get any proper pics. I also cannot count him towards my cream count as saying that he blew his load is really overselling it. In actual fact there was just a little spurt of cum that limply dribbled onto the floor beside my. Since none touched my skin, I can't claim that one.

Because she didn't use the same protective tactic as me, both of Jess' guys eventually ended up with their dicks inside her. Further proof, not that it was needed, that my plan was a genius move. (Full disclosure, she may have later admitted to deliberately backing up onto one of the cocks to get it inside her) But that does raise an interesting. Did Jess cheat by letting both of those guys fuck her at a masturbation party instead of just letting them wank over her? I feel she did somewhat but whatevs. 

Also, I was slightly concerned about her Cream Team credentials when the fist guy left and she was suspiciously unsticky looking. However, I know Jess better than that and, as she confirmed afterwards, not only did she let him cum inside her, but he completely flooded her cunt with cum. Not really keeping with the masturbation theme, but partial credit for scoring The Cream Team's first ever creampie. (I bet the next guy to fuck her just loved those sloppy seconds...)

It shouldn't need saying at this point that I am a filthy perv who enjoys watching others have sex. But it is infinitely more enjoyable when couples know that you are watching them and you know that they know you are watching them. It just creates this loop of uncontrollable sexual energy and I fucking love it.

Watching Jess get fucked after I'd finished my one on one, instantly got my pulse racing again and I couldn't resist touching myself some more, even though I had already just cum once. She is so fucking sexy and seeing her watching me finger myself while she had some random guy balls deep in her was just too much for me to resist pleasuring myself some more. I like to think that seeing me admiring her fucking like that also turned her on some more as well.

Finally, when we were both done and were comparing notes on our own respective sexploits, it was obvious that we needed to trade a little bit of cum to see what the other received. I wiped some up off her tummy and licked it off my fingers. She went for the simpler approach of just licking if off my chest. Our conclusion was that all cum is yummy and we want more next time The Cream Team unites for a masturbation party.

And I think I have now covered just about everything worth mentioning.

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