Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Most Couples on a Bed or Table?

The Choux's merry band of swingers seems to be growing. So much so that they have had to expand the room that they host their Most Couples in One Hotel Room to accommodate all of their guests.

What's more, the new expansion has come with an amazing new bed that seems to have become an instant hit with visitors. There were no less than 4 couples sharing it when I walked in through the door. Seems like 'Most Couples on One Bed' might be a more fitting name for the event if things carry on like that in the future.

That said, they also made a good go at turning the event into a 'Most Couples on a Table' event a little later. Again, 4 couples all sharing the same space while shagging like bunnies.

In fact, all of the couples did a very good job of fucking in just about any spot in the room where there wasn't someone already fucking. And if there was someone fucking there, they would just fuck right next to them.

On a side note, there was so much fucking going on that it actually made me feel quite self-conscious about being just about the only person in the room who wasn't bare-ass naked. I'm not sure that has ever happened before. Of course, the remedy to that was simple... to strip off myself and enjoy a soak in the pool while perving on all the sexy action going on all around me.

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