Sunday, 7 March 2021

Get over here!

I'll start by saying that it seems like the Red Dragon's guests are more interested in shaking it on the dancefloor than exploring their dark desires in the BDSM basement below.

With that being said, the club is themed after a Mortal Kombat clan and anyone who is familiar with that gaming franchise will be more than aware of how badly the violence tends to end for the participants. I would wager that that would make plenty of people nervous about indulging.

Also... its Mortal motherfucking Kombat!!! And who doesn't want to dance like a crazy person to one of the most iconic theme tunes in all of gaming?!

I don't want to be seeing any Fatalities here though, thank you very much. Nor any Brutalities please. 

Of course, maybe this club (or Klub if we are being true to the spirit of Mortal Kombat) could introduce a new type of finisher to the Mortal Kombat mythos... Sexualities. And why not? Friendships have already shown that we can have something pleasant.

Anyways, the klub owner has done a fantastic job with the place. Very authentic looking and plenty of variety to entertain guests with certain, slightly more extreme tastes. Just need to find a way to get them off the dancefloor when that theme is playing. And some sort of machine where punters can test their might.

P.S. you should be very proud of yourself if you've managed to get this far without that theme infiltrating your mind, forcing you to hum it for the rest of the day.

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