Thursday, 1 April 2021

I hope blondes really do have more fun

Ever since I discovered the dye bottle, my naturally auburn hair has been various shades of reds and purples. There was also the dreaded pink accident but we try not to talk about that... The point is that is has never been anything too far away from my natural colour. Certainly not blonde. 

Until now, that is!

You see, I'm still not really that taken by the lockdown haircut that I gave myself so I figured that if I'm ever going to do anything drastic, now is the time. I mean, it probably can't make it much worse and, since my hair is relatively short at the moment, it won't take too long to grow it out if I hate it.

Of course, changing the colour of my hair, didn't really make me any more fond of  my DIY haircut so I ended up getting some extensions put in as well. Not sure if that makes my point about doing it while my hair was shortish completely moot... Not sure. Who cares, I'm blonde!

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