Wednesday 28 April 2021

Kiss Your Mate Day

When the romance starts to fade in relationships, the intimate gesture of regularly kissing your partner tends to be the first thing to be lost. At least, that's what researchers says. And that is believed to be the reason that Kiss Your Mate Day was instituted; to serve as a reminder that a little bit of kissing can go a long way to keeping the romance alive.

Of course, nothing says where you have to kiss each other. I could be on the lips. Or it could be anywhere else on the body... wink wink...

For avoidance of doubt, it is important that we clarify what exactly is meant by "your mate". When I first became aware of the day, my initial assumption was that it simply referred to any good friend. Amanda was most excited when I mentioned it as an upcoming event. Finally, she had a legitimate reason to give me a smooch. Naturally,  I would be compelled to partake in order to honour the day after all.

However, after having done some further research, it has become apparent that it is meant in the sense of couples who are life partners. Although, in fairness, it is accepted that if you don't have a partner or lover right now, it is perfectly acceptable to still take part by kissing a friend instead, or maybe someone who is completely new to you. Who knows, it could even be the start of something new and exciting for you both. Just make sure that anyone involved in the kissing is a consenting and willing participant.

So, on the basis of that, I was totally prepared to grant Amanda her wish and give her a snog. Except she was a no-show. That means that instead of getting some pics of me snogging Amanda to go along with this post, I had no choice but to give my old neighbour, Bob, a call and ask him to rush over so I could take some pics of us making out on my couch (he's always so eager to give me what I want, when I want). Not quite as good as making out with a cute blonde on the beach while the water laps against our bare skin, but you can only work with what you've got...

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