Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Birthdays, strippers and buttplugs

I decided to keep it low-key for my birthday this year. So much better than getting hyped up for it, only for it to be a massive non-event. Start out with low expectations and then, unless something goes spectacularly wrong, it can only go up from there.

All of that is really just a long and drawn out way of saying that I spent the evening chilling at Virtual Sugar's new Strip N Rock club. But if it all looks a bit familiar to you, that is not because your eyes deceive you. It is because you may been familiar with it in its previous guise as the Virtual Sugar Escort Club. With no actual escorting going on there, it seems that it has been re-launched with a slightly tweaked theme.

It goes without saying that, if you enjoyed a night out there before, you are still going to have a lot of fun there. Especially if you enjoy ogling their stunning line-up of ladies who love nothing better than taking their clothes off for you viewing pleasure. Yes, that means that you can still go and throw a handful of dollar bills at Jessica, Reena, Lucya and all the other ladies who know exactly how to get your pulse racing and empty your wallets.

And all of that to a rather splendid soundtrack of rocking tunes, including a few rather unexpected deepcuts that I certainly appreciated. Gun's cover of Word Up anyone? The first time that I've heard anyone other than myself spin that particular tune. And as a set opener no less. I approve!

Back to me, I spent most of the evening chatting with friends and trying to get some more shoots arranged for the movie that I've been working on for a while now. The wheels are slowly turning but oh so slowly.

When I was done talking business, AceX got to hear all about my fondness of buttplugs, my enjoyment of buttplay in general and how I think more guys should be open to receiving a cheeky finger in their butt (Guys, let's be real for a second, if you let me stick a finger in your butt while your cock is in my mouth, it does not bring your sexuality into question in any way, shape or form. Just be open-minded and, if it feels good, go with it).

I'm not sure he will ever look at me in the same way again as I may have given him a little too much info. Then again, he did implant the question in my head about how a guy would go about shaving his own ass. Ah, we're all perverts here anyway so whatever...

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