Friday 21 May 2021

Cum-Covered Chesticles

This Boob Watch is brought to you from the Most Couples in One Hotel Room and showcases the curvaceous, cum-covered chesticles of the room's delightful hostess; the one, the only, MmeChoux.

Now, I'm pretty sure I'm right in saying that, not only does this picture show MmeChoux demonstrating her considerable titwanking talents, but she is doing so while glazed with another man's semen. It is a novel way to provide a bit of lubrication as her tits envelope and squeeze her partners throbbing cock, that's for sure. Perhaps something a little less sticky would do a better job?

Somehow, I think that that cum was not that last that got unloaded onto her during this fuckfest, as MmeChoux always endeavours to make sure all of her guests have a good time.

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