Saturday 15 May 2021

Lovense Lounge hits a homerun with grand opening

As for my own personal night out at the Lovense Lounge, I had an absolute whale of a time and ended staying much longer than I ever expected to.

In truth, I went along more out of sense of obligation to check out and report on these sort of massive community events and because I was curious to see what sort of promotion Lovense were putting on. I thought I'd go along, maybe spend an hour or so there getting some pictures and getting a feel for what the event was all about and then move on. I mean, I prefer a quite life so normally shy away from these sort of extravaganzas where I feel awkwardly out of place.

Six hours after strutting my stuff down the red carpet to pose for some quick photos, I finally said my goodbyes and headed home for some well-earned sleep. So why did I end up staying so much longer than expected?

Firstly, the party was just fucking epic. Simple as that. So many people having such a good time. It was actually infectious. So much so that even someone like myself, who normally is content to just sit on the periphery watching what's going on, couldn't help but get caught up in the party atmosphere.

And everyone was so friendly there, I couldn't help but be far more chatty than my usual reserved self. I caught up with old friends who have reappeared after years away. I chatted to random fans of my blog who just wanted to say "hi" or share some kind words with me (all very appreciated, I assure you). I got hit on a few times by guys who were hoping to get lucky for the night. And I had a good boogie on the dancefloor with some good friends and new acquaintances.

The community celebs were also out in force and I had a lot of fun trying to pick out famous faces in the crowd, of which there were plenty, and get a sneaky snap of them. You can definitely look forward to a Celeb Watch post very soon.

I was also made to feel like a star in my own right by the aforementioned fans who said hello to me. That was just compounded by repeatedly being papped by photographer Max Norman, who sneaked a few beautiful photos of me (he does some great work, by the way, so I highly recommend you check out his Twitter). Definitely a case of me getting a taste of my own medicine but also very humbling to know that some people take note of what I do and find some value in it.

It should also go without saying that I had a good peruse around the Lovense exhibit. Those of you who follow me on Twitter may already be aware of this as I was doing some tweeting from the event, but I couldn't resist putting in an order for one of Lovense's Hush toys; a remote-controlled buttplug that I'm very much looking forward to receiving in the post very soon. You can be sure I will doing a review of that when it arrives. Ironically though, I think that was the one toy that they didn't have a giant replica of that I could pose next to to show my pride at my order. What a shame.

That pretty much wraps it up, I think. In summary, arrived at 8pm and stayed til 2am, had a fucking great time and managed to add another sex toy to my collection along the way. Good times!

And all that is left to say is that everyone involved with making it happen absolutely deserves a massive "well done" and "thank you" for all the hard work put into making such an event possible. My only question now is when can we look forward to the next one?.

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