Thursday, 26 August 2021

An honour to be recognised

Ever since I was forced to abandon Tumblr, I've frequently worried whether it was the right move to branch out by myself by starting my own website instead on focusing on somewhere like Twitter where there is more social interaction with follows. I don't think a lot of my content is well-suited to that sort of platform but the doubts do sometimes resurface when I feel like I'm not getting much exposure.

Being an island unto myself can make me feel very isolated and there are times when it is hard to know whether anyone is actually paying any attention to the content that I am creating. Especially since my own brand of quirky content is not exactly like what anyone is doing. Without any sort of follower engagement it can be really tricky to know if it appeals to anyone.

So it is most reassuring when I do find out that there are some people out there that do actually take notice of what I do and find some enjoyment in reading it. On top of that, it is extremely humbling when other creators that I admire greatly are not only aware of what I am doing, but are also fans of it.

Case in point, it is an absolute honour to have been picked by Max Norman to be one of the featured creators in his August Challenge. I love his work and I love what he has produced here. As I said before, it is very humbling.

If you have not been following his August Challenge, I recommend that you rectify that immediately by heading over to his Twitter. Each week in August, he is tackling a different theme with week 4 being all about content creators.

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