Wednesday 25 August 2021

Getting into publishing

I stopped by the Sugarmag offices a little earlier to drop of an article that I'm hoping to get published in one of their future issues. The staff were hard at work preparing content for the upcoming issue so I had had to sit around for a while before I could hand over what I was there to submit.

Whilst waiting to be seen I had that awkward sit in reception with a bunch of strangers who are all sitting in silence and desperately trying to avoid making eye contact with one another. It's always super cringe when that happens. From the looks of it, the other two who were sat there at the same time as me we aspiring models who were there for a test shoot. Hope that worked out OK for them.

On a positive note, I did get offered some coffee an pizza while I waited. Unfortunately, the two pizza option available were cold pizza and pizza with pineapple on. In other words, my two least favourite types of pizza. I stuck to just having the coffee...

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