Monday 23 August 2021

From those kind people at Lovense

Patiently waiting for the latest addition to my growing collection to charge - the Domi 2. For full disclosure, the kind people over at Lovense have sent this over to me as a freebie so I can review it. A big thank you to hyperactiveimp over at Lovense for sorting this one out for me.

I'm still not very well so I think I will only be able to have a tentative play around with it until I'm fully recovered but you can be sure that giving it a full and proper test will be the first thing I do when I am feeling back to my old self. I'm sure that this baby is going to make me orgasm so many times and I cannot wait to experience that.

Of course, it goes without saying that when I do get round to reviewing, I will be totally open and honest as I always try to be. Just because Lovense have sent it me, doesn't mean that I'll be feeling any pressure to review it any differently to how I reviewed my Hush and Lush 3. Anyways, I'm already sure it is going to be amazing. The only question is how amazing.

And, if you are wondering why I'm reviewing this one next rather than their brand-spanking new Quake, it's simply because that is very similar to something I have already reviewed, whereas this is something completely new. Don't worry, I'll get to the Quake sooner or later.

If can't wait for my review and want to get one for yourself, head over to to order now. If you are super quick, you may even be able to catch the tail end of their Hug Your Sweetheart Day sale.

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