Monday 6 September 2021

Of course there was some fucking

Is it any surprise that some guests at an event sponsored by a sex toy company to promote its products are going to get their fuck on?

Nope, the answer is that it is absolutely no surprise at all!

If truth be told, I actually expected there to be more fucking going on. There seemed to be far less than at the previous Lovense event.

Or maybe this time there were more guests using wearable Lovense products under their clothes to subtly get each other off on the dancefloor rather than going with the traditional method of bumping uglies. The tunes pumping out of the PA certainly would have made it impossible to here any giveaway buzzes.

Whatever the truth (we will never know!), there were still some guests who were more than happy to get naked to fuck. Some of them in less than private spots where everyone could see their naughtiness.

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