Monday, 2 May 2022

Great chat but not enough buzzing

I suppose it was inevitable that it would happen sooner or later but I finally drew a blank for not being able to cum during one of my buzz shows.

To be clear, the problem wasn't on my end!

It was just a very quiet day with not many peeps stopping by. No, that is an understatement as it was absolutely dead and, in the end I just had to give up and get myself off all on my own.

Continuing my recent trend, I set myself some goals that we could hit through out the show. We barely made it to the 'panties off' goal meaning that I only managed to get naked at the very end of the session and that was only after giving away a bunch of free dice rolls just to try to keep the buzzing going from the few guests I did have. My Hush remained unused as we didn't get anywhere near today's DP goal though. What a disappointment...

Well, maybe it wasn't quite that bad as I did have a few guests stop by who were fairly chatty so, even if there wasn't lots of buzzing going on, I wasn't sat there in silence talking to myself. Kind of ironic that the most engaged guests I've ever had came on a day where no-one else was interested. 

But it was nice to have some Lovense-themed discussions with a couple of other users and one perspective buyer who was interested in getting our thoughts and recommendations. Fingers crossed that, if she does decide to buy one of more recommendations, that she shows her thanks by using my affiliate link to earn me a little bit of commission.

Also, the buzzing that I did get was pretty damn good, even if everyone one seemed to be rolling really low (so many 2s!). I think it was quite obvious that I had a a few controllers who were quite familiar with controlling other's Lovense toys though. They knew exactly how to get me going. I just needed more to make me cum!
Today's High Rollers
  • MartijnNL
  • PrincesseEmma
  • Mojalow
  • InspectorRU
  • LizzyWright
  • GaryWright
  • Venzent

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